We offer fuel cards

Fuel cards (IDS-08, STATOIL or CIRCLE K) and charge cards / devices;
We offer diesel cards with net VAT refund directly on the bill without a bank deposit in advance.
We work with the most important oil companies in Scandinavia - IDS-08, STATOIL sl CIRCLE K.
DIESEL Invoice is monthly and contains all feeds in chronological order.

We offer VAT refund on fuel

VAT on fuel -will be recovered directly on the invoice through the partnership we have with BHI Denmark - no extra documentation and no monthly trips to the financial administration.

We offer tarpauling semi-trailers

We provide equipment - semi-trailerswithout monthly rent and no maintenance costs. The maintenance and service of the semi-trailers is our responsibility and our partners.

We offer merchandise and equipment insurance

Both MMR and CASCO insurance for the equipment is made on the registration number of the head tractor irrespective of towed semitrailers.

We offer planning in Romanian and Bulgarian

We have offices in Romania (Bucharest and Cluj Napoca) and Bulgaria (Sofia and Huse).
The Fleet Management service contains:
Planning in Romanian or Bulgarian with individual planner;
24/7 Emergency Assistance through the Nordstar 24 program where a planner will respond to NON STOP on the emergency telephone at any time of the day and night and weekend;
Optimizing routes;
Collection of transport documents;
Monthly reporting - km, diesel consumption, etc;
Administrative assistance - recalculation of races, routes, etc.