We offer you a diversified fleet to serve your customers

We offer you a diversified fleet consisting of tractor heads (standard 2 axles / 3 axles, MEGA, ADR) or truck + trailers with either one driver or two drivers.

We offer you CMR and equipment insurance

Both CMR and CASCO insurance for the equipment is done on the registration number of the tractor head regardless of the semi-trailers.

We offer you planning in Romanian and Bulgarian.

We have offices in Romania (Bucharest and Cluj Napoca) and in Bulgaria (Sofia and Ruse).
The Fleet Management service contains:
Planning in Romanian or Bulgarian with individual planner;
24/7 Emergency Assistance through the Nordstar 24 program where a planner will answer NON STOP to the emergency phone;
Optimization of routes;
Collecting transport documents;
Monthly reporting - km, diesel consumption etc;
Administrative assistance - recalculation of trips, routes, etc.