Road freight forwarding market needs to embrace digital solutions as market changes

The fastest developed vaccine raises the bar of transport logistics in terms of speed, safe conditions and efficacy. What matters now is that vaccines reach all four corners of the world as soon as possible.


On the road, I see the world. And I see its special charms in many things:. No matter the weather, I know one thing: there is somewhere I need to get to, in a specific timeframe. That’s how we are: in action, always going from A to B.

Concentrated and very careful, when I am driving I feel like being a part of a greater european flow, a transport system of the continent that ensures everything needed for the comfort of my people back home. I think each one of us stays in action thanks to the people we root for. Everything we do, we do for them. And then, there is the silence of the road, long and welcoming. I feel lucky to have a job that moves me

Adrian, Nordstar driver since 2014

Adrian is one of the first drivers in the Nordstar Logistik network that adopted our digital solution Nordstar One. He understood the fact that the freight forwarding market is undergoing important transformation processes and he decided to adapt. Adrian is definitely right: people come first. Our drivers, dispatchers, planners, partners and clients, our families, friends and communities. Digital solutions are just here to make the most of what we know and have. Our people are the ones keeping us moving forward, the ones we develop our products and services for.

Last year, during our company’s rebranding process that also procured this piece of Adrian’s mind we chose to start with, no one could have imagined the now we are living in and its huge challenges. But Adrian’s words gather new meanings as we assist a basically new freight forwarding market. No matter the conditions, we know one thing: we need to go from A to B, easy.

We’re in the beginning of spring 2021, one year after the COVID-19 global pandemics was declared. We are living a period that every voice recognizes as being defined to the core by accelerated change. Transport logistics challenges have moved our industry into uncharted territories. New travel laws and restrictions. Trucks travelling by sea in order to avoid Brexit related delays. Different approaches to essential workers. Risks and pressures essential workers are being exposed to. And now, the vaccines.

The fastest developed vaccine raises the bar of transport logistics in terms of speed, safe conditions and efficacy. What matters now is that vaccines reach all four corners of the world as soon as possible. The situation is not an easy one. First vaccines, developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, have strict restrictions of thermal conditions for transport, needing ultra-low temperatures of -80ºC and -60ºC for Pfizer, as low as between -25ºC and -15ºC for Moderna. As we advance into the warm season and the european continent gets warmer, an already difficult task becomes even more difficult. Regardless of the producer, COVID-19 vaccines come accompanied by a full set of essential consumables: needles, syringes, pads, masks and gloves, vaccine validation cards.

Europe is one main vaccine producer. It already signed distribution contracts and will focus primarily on road transport to ensure as many european citizens get vaccinated as fast as possible. More and more vaccine producers will get new licences and enter the market, each new entry remapping the complex transport scheme of the most wanted product of the moment, around the world. There is still more to find out about the length of the protection provided by vaccination. By now, we do not know for sure how long this growing demand for transport will maintain current high levels.  Offer and demand fluctuate massively as some of available vaccines encounter bad media, others launch with milder transport temperatures and others might be causing side-effects that force precautionary measures. All these unknowns place us in a context that feels impossible to preview. The world is in movement and times ask for flexibility.

“All the links in the supply chain are stretched. The ships, the trucks, the warehouses.”

said Lars Mikael Jensen, A.P. Moller-Maersk

Fortunately, there are also huge growth opportunities available to companies for which resilience is not enough.

New digital solutions can prove now their efficacy in solving more complex transportation needs as well as in ensuring the needed flexibility of working remote, from anywhere, safely.

The digital infrastructure we developed at Nordstar Logistik was meant to help us grow. Aware that growth is only natural, we, as everybody else, were completely unaware of growth coming under current forms: a global pandemic forcing us all to redefine almost everything we knew as normal.

But we are ready to handle it and we are ready to help our partners handle it.

We see the future of logistics as

Accelerated. In constant, dynamic flux. Highly flexible. Efficient in terms of time, money and footprint. Valuable in terms of technological tools and human interactions. Endurant. At NordStar Logistik, we have digital solutions for you and your business, either you are a shipper, a forwarder or a carrier. We know transports. Dedicated to making A to B easy, NordStar Logistik offers you tools and support for the future of freight forwarding.

Make more time, more work, more money. Come meet us.

Start moving much easier with Nordstar One – our digital solution for road freight forwarding. Dedicated to carriers, shippers and forwarders.

Nordstar One helps you:

  • communicate through secure and safe channels
  • optimize route options
  • find out in real time about new rules and regulations that concern your transport
  • easily manage contracts and documents

At Nordstar Logistik we take pride in our network of partner carriers, with more than 150 trucks. Strong partnerships with traditional Scandinavian forwarders and with some of the market makers in Europe allow us a constant flow of transport contracts for our network of carriers. This whole flow of information allowed us to build digital solutions for all – shippers, forwarders and carriers.

Start doing more, better, NOW. See more about NordStar One here.