Digitalization from inside out

Drivers are an important part of freight forwarding. Our aim is to facilitate better infrastructure and support for drivers, in order for them to give their best results. We provide drivers with a digital companion on the road, an enhancer and facilitator of their processes. A tool that eliminates those moments when you think to yourself you could have done better if you had more info, more time, more flair: Nordstar One.

use technology to make more

NordStar Logistik preps to launch its new digital solution Nordstar One for shippers, forwarders and carriers.

Digitalization in the current freight-forwarding market is one of the most critical updates for businesses. It sounds so challenging and frightening, yet the essential aspect of digitalization is simple. The impact for the better can be massive.  This applies to shippers, forwarders and carriers. Digitalization in freight-forwarding puts you and your partners on the same page.  Every order is organizedly, quickly and efficiently transported.  It is transparently and accurately monitored and documented. The possibility of misunderstandings, misinterpretations and even poor decisions, is radically reduced. Digitalization also makes future growth easier, because the terms are concrete, relationships are eased of ambiguities, and trust is built.

Digitalization explained

Digitalization is the process of meeting up-to-date business and market conditions by using digital technology to create or modify the way the job used to be done in better, more efficient and more competitive ways. This remapping of business done with automated, intelligent, upgradable tools is digitalization, the best response a company has when facing increasingly competitive markets.

It all starts with creating digital representations of physical objects, converting non-digital into digital. Nordstar One, our digital tool, uses digital CRMs, digital maps, electronic forms, digital signatures and many more. Archives, files, forms, documents have been digitized and transformed into digital formats. Where there used to be paper and manual attention-intensive check-ups, now there is Nordstar One. All reports, documentation and accounting are being handled by performant computer systems, with specially programmed abilities to handle data from multiple sources in various and precise ways needed in the freight-forwarding industry. Let’s just think about using measurements from a printed manual (which also used to include translation errors) and compare it to computer renderings for trucks and cargo volumes, processed by Nordstar One into best possible optimisations. This gives a hint of digitalization’s impact. Computer algorithms are able to access, search into, correlate and compute faster, with more accuracy and greater insight, which allows next-level control of transport processes.

use technology to make more
Nordstar One

Digitalization through Nordstar One deals with all digital information and regards all processes inside a freight-forwarding organization, be it shipper, forwarder or carrier. Coordination, handling information, materials and packages, road conditions, transport demand planning, transport management, fleet coordination, everything. We’re talking about ways to provide new revenue and business value. By using Nordstar One, your company systems have access to accurate, up-to-date digital information through accessible and performant algorithms which make micro-decisions that spare a great account of time, focus, energy and saves money.

The way digital technologies like Nordstar One transform business processes has a massive positive impact on employees. Manual and labour-intensive activities being solved by algorithms and closed loop systems allows people to focus on complex decisions. Our app generates all the required documentation, takes charge of fully integrated accounting, schedules, manages and track orders. A regular planner can now manage two times more cargo and shipments than before using Nordstar One. App automation requires data from multiple sources as it generates insight and knowledge that gets to be accessed and shared, so that people feel empowered to make a difference and confident to share. A digital culture is based on a foundation of sharing, this is one of the main effects digitalization has on a company. Problem solving using digital tools is about human-driven innovation. Nordstar One just brings in the proper support they need.

Do hands-on access to all data relevant to freight delivery status, all required documentation, fully integrated accounting, and convenience sound like a dream? It is not. You just need to try Nordstar One.

One more thing: your quotations will always be fair, calculated using automatically generated rates. This is what really makes it easy to keep track of your quotation status and convert it into an actual operation with Nordstar Logistik.

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