A to B goes back to easy with new collaborative digital tools.

The fastest developed vaccine raises the bar of transport logistics in terms of speed, safe conditions and efficacy. What matters now is that vaccines reach all four corners of the world as soon as possible.

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As 2021 spring came to an end, Europe enjoys a well-deserved wave of relaxation, milder restrictions and a fresh feeling of returning to dear people, habits and things we all longed for. There is happiness and relief in the European space, which should not keep us unaware of the new-normal that’s here to stay.

The lessons we learnt through this pandemic, the ways each of us and us all together managed to cope with change, the new pace we found that got us along the global crises generated in 2020-2021 by the COVID19 means we got better, stronger, wiser. We need to stick to many of these changes and stay aware that change will not stop here.

Facts and studies show that we are at the beginning of a decade full of brand-new challenges and opportunities which still germinate and cannot be yet presumed. [1.][2.][3.]

What we learned, we need to practice and perfect. And what we all learned is that:

People come first.

Technology and digital solutions make us flexible.

Flexibility gets us through uncharted changes.

When we work together towards a common goal, we succeed.

These are the new golden rules for the future. When applied to our industry – road freight forwarding, what you discover is NordStar ControlTower – centralized, digital support for our team of highly trained planners, designed to handle even the most complex contexts.

People come first when technology comes second and works for them. Flexibility is only possible when well-grounded structures and hubs that keep neutral in difficult situations meet highly trained individuals, willing to look for solutions in previously unexpected resources. It is all connected! That’s the purpose of NordStar ControlTower – keep every single detail regarding our clients’ contracts at high importance. Some of you might remember the ‘90s, when all these were ambitious dreams. But now, in the new ‘20s, having all features, elements, requests and factors under trackable, archivable control got way beyond a mere possibility into the mandatory rule. With real-time support and visibility of transports, data standards and advanced analytics, top human and artificial intelligence, you can count on us for keeping your freight well managed from departure to destination. Here’s how.

Nordstar ControlTower offers you a digital DISPATCHING HUB operated by a trained team of planners.

> SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT with highly trained transport planners;

> BACKUP SUPPORT FOR DRIVERS with 24/7 Emergency Assistance;



All integrated into ONE digital platform that facilitates workflow and where all parties involved can interact (shippers, forwarders, carriers, drivers).ntrolTower offers you a digital DISPATCHING HUB operated by a trained team of planners.

Benefit from Nordstar ControlTower now! Dedicated to carriers, shippers and forwarders.

Nordstar Control Tower

NordStar ControlTower gives freight-forwarding planners what they longed for: more time to solve the true important problems, like consolidating one to one relationships with clients, drivers and intermediaries. They are able to manage multiple truck routes, get the most out of a truck load, avoid before that common incidents like unbalanced trails, unexpected unloadings, huge amounts of precise paperwork and their own professional upgrades and satisfaction.

Start doing more, better.

The future is now! Be ready for it with top digital freight-forwarding solutions that cover the needs and challenges of your business, your partners and your market.

Check out the growth opportunities NordStar makes available for your company. Our digital solutions proved their efficacy in hard times and are ready to take your business to the next level.

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[2.] The Conversation, JANUARY 12, 2021, 99 big thinkers about the world after the Coronavirus

At Nordstar Logistik we take pride in our network of partner carriers, with more than 150 trucks. Strong partnerships with traditional Scandinavian forwarders and with some of the market makers in Europe allow us a constant flow of transport contracts for our network of carriers. This whole flow of information allowed us to build digital solutions for all – shippers, forwarders and carriers.

We see the future of logistics as:

Accelerated. In constant, dynamic flux. Highly flexible. Efficient in terms of time, money and footprint. Valuable in terms of technological tools and human interactions. Endurant. At NordStar Logistik, we have digital solutions for you and your business, either you are a shipper, a forwarder or a carrier. We know transport. Dedicated to making A to B easy, NordStar Logistik offers you tools and support for the future of freight forwarding.

Make more time, more work, more money. Come meet us.