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About us - we are a team of young and motivated people, whose main belief is based on the necessity and importance of efficient and viable management of independent transport businesses, regardless of their size. Our goal is to create the premises to provide stable and reliable services to our customers, to manage their transport resources professionally in such a way as to create competitive advantages, long-term added value and additional profits.

Our mission - is to break the barriers between East and West by creating bridges between companies and people and acting as a preferred company on the Eastern 3PL market, faithfully representing the dedicated needs of freight service providers on the one hand and carriers on the other hand.

Are you a logistics company?

in search of hauliers to expand your operations?

On request, we can offer you customized consultancy in the field of transport, to help you optimize your costs and increase your revenue.
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Are you a haulier?

and you have trucks that are available for long-term contracts?

If you are a haulier who wants to work on a solid and stable contract, with no headaches and high bureaucracy we are the perfect solution!
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