Who we are?

About one of the best haulage companies
NordStar Logistik

We are a company founded and managed by dynamic and motivated people, which strongly believes that outsourcing in the transport sector is a viable and cost-effective alternative.
We are one of the few professional brokerage transport companies that try to provide our customers with an integrated platform through which all parties involved can interact easily.

What are
we doing?

Transportation services

Representing the interests of many large companies, but also medium-sized and small companies across the entire Europe, NordStar's mission is to customize the services in the interest of customers, to understand their expectations and to try to fulfill them with loyalty.
We are a company that offers solutions! We treat each potential client with interest and earnestness, seeking resolution for any challenge!
Regardless of your company profile, our solutions developed individually according to your needs and expectations, will bring you the added value and competitiveness that every business needs!

can we help you?

If you are a haulier who wants to work on a solid and stable contract with no headaches and high bureaucracy, if you are a freight forwarder that needs a constant fleet to run your contracts or if you are a manufacturer or dealer in search of constant transport services, we are the perfect solution!
We can provide you with our consultancy and transport expertise in the form of a personalized customer service that will help you become more efficient and reduce your costs.