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The freight forwarders dilemma

Over the last years, there has been a remarkable increase of digitalization in the logistics and transport sectors. One of the reasons for this digitalization comes from the need to integrate the new digital technologies in fields such as storage and transportation. The other reason comes from a constant need for efficiency in the current context of globalization and growth of freight transport needs.


A growing trustworthy network of carriers and shippers for a wide range of transport needs, all integrated in ONE digital platform that facilitates workflow and where all parties involved can interact.

A digitalized DISPATCHING HUB operated by a trained team of planners.

  • SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT with highly trained transport planners;
  • BACKUP SUPPORT FOR DRIVERS with 24/7 Emergency Assistance;

All integrated into ONE digital platform that facilitates workflow and where all parties involved can interact (shippers, forwarders, carriers, drivers).

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NS One is a digital all-inclusive platform that facilitates the logistics of efficient data management, enabling transparent communication between all parties.

An IT integration tool for supply chain fluency. For shippers, forwarders and carriers.

Created for real needs & situations, based on NordStar Logistik experience as a 3PL provider, NS One is the main tool used by our planners.

NS One is highly adaptative for all needs.

  • Direct secure channels
  • Real-time data
  • Customization and integration with other platforms

We believe that DIGITALIZATION is the very basis of success in such a precise, time and cost-sensitive industry such as logistics.

Our aim is to create better connections between all people involved in transportation using innovative solutions.

This will always translate in efficiency in getting goods from A to B faster, better, happier. We use technology to make time.

And time, as we all know, is money // and vision // and innovation // and partnership.


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